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Production by Month

This dataset contains monthly production volumes on federal lands and waters and Native American lands. We have monthly production data from January 2008 through the most recently available month, which is usually 3-4 months prior to the current month.


This dataset includes natural resource production for U.S. federal lands and offshore areas and Native American lands. It does not include privately owned lands or U.S. state lands. The dataset includes data tracked and managed by the Department of the Interior’s Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR). Monthly production data is available for coal, oil, and gas. The production data for oil and gas is collected on Form ONRR-4054 (Oil and Gas Operations Report). Coal production is collected on Form ONRR-4430 (Solid Minerals Production and Royalty Report).

Data publication

We update this production data every month, but final production numbers aren't available for 3-4 months. For example, the most recent production data for a file updated in November will be from July or August.

Monthly totals and annual totals

The sum of 12-month production totals for a given calendar or fiscal year may not add up to the annual total found in the production by year data. While the production volume (amount of a commodity coming out of the ground) doesn't change, the way it is accounted for might. There are two main reasons why:

  • Operators may not report on time, meaning production for a past month might increase when the operator submits the report and ONRR updates the data.
  • The Bureau of Land Management may choose to change agreements and units after production. These changes may affect the allocation of the production volume, changing the data.

    For example, changing an agreement retroactively may change the allocation of production among states, the federal government, and Native American tribes and individuals. As a result, the apportioned totals in the data would change.

Data dictionary

Fields and definitions

Month The month for which the production occurred.

Calendar Year The calendar year for the month in which the production occurred.

Land Class This field distinguishes federal lands and waters from Native American lands.

Land Category This field distinguishes between onshore and offshore production.

Commodity We have monthly data for oil, gas, and coal, since these are high-volume commodities that result in the most revenue. This field includes the units for each commodity in parentheses.

  • Oil Prod Vol (bbl) Oil production is measured in barrels (bbl)
  • Gas Prod Vol (Mcf) Gas (natural gas) is measured in thousand cubic feet (mcf)
  • Coal Prod Vol (ton) Coal is measured in tons. A ton is 2000 pounds.

Volume Shows the production volume (amount produced). The units for volume are shown in the preceding field (Commodity).

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